10 Hottest Female Fitness Models On Instagram

10 Hottest Female Fitness Models On Instagram

Extremely fit females have been taking Instagram by storm in recent years. To set the records straight, these girls are not starving themselves to achieve a really svelte, runway-ready frame. They got something way more spectacular and way healthier in mind.
First of all, they eat properly as they know skipping meals will never do them any good. Most importantly, they train so doggedly hard to sculpt their respective bodies to perfection. They are thick at the right places, and they got muscles to constantly remind the world that girls are powerful human beings who can pin anyone down who looks down on them.
They serve as a massive “fitspiration” to all the females out there. They give importance to hard work and patience. You can get that rock solid and sexy body in no time if you are consistent with your diet and workouts.

1. Alyssa Julia Smith

She started modeling at the age 16, and her body has been on point since. And, that’s thanks to her regular workouts, which she confidently documents on her Instagram account. To erase that nasty notion that living a completely disciplined lifestyle is zero fun, she posts pictures of her Saturday night outs as well. Did you know that Alyssa graduated from the University of Southern California last 2010? Smart girl!

Who needs makeup when you have a #tan?! 🌺✨☀️ #manhands #happysunday #beachgirlforlife #healthy Suit by @themissap

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2. Laura Michelle Prestin

This personal trainer’s super sexy Instagram photos are so hot they will make you blush! Each selfie oozes hotness that is hard to come by. Laura—who first entered the modeling industry in her early 20s—loves to share wonderful snaps of her to-die-for physique, which is a result of years of rigorous training. She grew up playing sports, so it is safe to say that physical activities have always been her thing.

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3. Hannah Bronfman

Ms. Bronfman is the proud developer of the app called “Beautified”, which helps you book beauty appointments at the very last minute. How awesome is she for doing that? Anyway, Hannah has a banging body that continues to inspire all her female followers. She regularly updates her fans with her workouts, showing everybody that in order to be hot, you have to train like a horse. Apart from being an app developer, she is also a model, a DJ, and an entrepreneur.

Rise and grind 💪🏽#HBFIT

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4. Tracy Anderson

She is the awesome person behind the infamous “Tracy Anderson Method”, which is the go-to workout plan of big stars like Gwyneth Paltrow, Nicole Richie, Kim Kardashian, Madonna, and a lot more famous names! Her Instagram feed has always inspired her followers to eat healthy and to train that body without failing. Tracy, who is already a mom of two, is considered to be one of the most influential people in the whole of fitness industry today.

I almost had @oscarblandi cut my hair on set this day. @healthmagazine May issue💗

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5. Jamie Eason

One interesting fact about Jamie (a former NFL cheerleader) is that she is a breast cancer survivor, and what is even more interesting is that she moved on from such tragedy like a pro and went on to inspire people to adopt a healthier lifestyle. She is a sought after authority in the world of fitness. She is a Bodybuilding.com spokesperson, and she has already graced the covers of a number of fitness magazines.

6. Cally Clarice

This fitness advocate has one of the most beautiful bodies on Instagram today, inspiring her 200,000 plus followers and a couple other lurkers on a daily basis with her incredibly hot selfies. Her body looks flawlessly toned, which she achieved through her regular training sessions that she kindly documents on her account. She also posts photos of her whipping up some healthy meal because workout sans proper yields less than impressive results.

7. Amanda Bisk

This Aussie hottie has quite a story to tell. She was a promising pole vaulter when she discovered she had chronic fatigue syndrome, forcing her to forget about her dream of competing in the Olympics. She then entered the world of yoga to help her cope with her illness, posting photos of her sessions on Instagram. As days passed, her feed started gaining attention from fitness lovers and the rest is history. She usually posts photos of her doing extremely intricate yoga poses—her flexibility is out of this world, you guys!

8. Dianna Dhalgren

Dianna has been modeling since the tender age of 13. It was not until she was 19 years old, however, when she first decided to enter a fitness competition. From then on, it became some sort of a habit and she eventually started sweeping these contests like they are nothing. In 2011, she brought home the bacon from the Phoenix Pro competition. She has already been on the cover of fitness magazines like Fitness Hers, Muscle, and Flex. If you are looking for some fitspiration, Dianna’s Instagram feed is all you need.

@musclemonster is life. Protein and Energy in one can 💁🏼💘😍💁🏼😛😛😛😛

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9. Lyzabeth Lopez

You have to give Lyzabeth some mad props for setting realistic expectations, constantly reminding her more than two million followers to eat healthy and to train their bodies regularly. She pioneered the Hourglass Workout Program, which can give any girl out there those killer curves she has always dreamed of. She often posts videos and photos of herself working out like crazy, as well as jaw droppingly gorgeous selfies that show the results of her disciplined lifestyle. One more thing about Lyzabeth is that she is gracious to her fans and even offers personal training sessions with them. She is such a sweetheart!

10. Michelle Lewin

This list would never be complete without THE Michelle Lewin, who currently has a whopping 10.3 million followers on Instagram. This girl’s body looks so perfect it is almost not real. Her overall physique is a work of art! Well, her love for fitness started when her ab muscles started to show from her regular trips to the gym. From then on, she encouraged herself to work even harder until her present figure happened. A lot of women look up to her, so she often updates her feed with workout clips for her fans to copy or simply gawk at.

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