2020-21 NBA Season Frequently Asked Questions

2020-21 NBA Season Frequently Asked Questions

The most exciting professional basketball league, the NBA, was launched last December 22, 2021. It is the newest season of one of the world's most popular sporting events after the Los Angeles Lakers earned the championship title against the Miami Heat. With this, a series of changes were introduced to all teams as the 2020-21 NBA campaign progressed.

Today, the NBA is on its Week 5 playoffs, and favorite teams are slowly coming out, creating headlines in the NBA community. In the Western Conference, the LA Lakers top the ranking with fourteen wins. On the contrary, the Philadelphia 76ers are leading the race, tallying twelve victories.

While there is a long way to go before the NBA finals take place, the format changes for this year's campaign will bring an extra challenge to all participating teams. To get you guided on how the 2020-21 NBA season looks like, here are the FAQs  and information with further reading on FanDuel to cover.

How Long Will The 2020-21 NBA Season Last?

As stated, the newest NBA season had started last December 22, 2020. Tentatively, this will end on May 16, 2021. Changes will apply along the way depending on the organization's decision or any unfortunate schedule changes.

How Many Games Will Every Team Play?

Typically, a season of the NBA campaign holds 82 games. But this year, it was reduced to 72 matches, which is ten games lesser than the past seasons.

How Does The Whole Campaign Schedule Look Like?

The full 2020-21 NBA schedule campaign is divided into two segments. The First Half is the time where the players and the teams have started their training. Meanwhile, the Second Half will come this March. As of now, each group will play two to four games maximum as part of the preseason schedule.

What Are The Health Protocols Observed In The 2020-21 NBA?

As the global health crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic is not being contained yet, the NBA is observing maximum health protocols to avoid spreading the virus.  There will be daily testing of all the participating players and staff, which started in the preseason.

If someone gets positive with COVID-19, they will immediately undergo proper isolation and medication. When they return to play or work, they should be free from the disease in ten working days after getting discharged. The scope of the protocols is extended to all the players and the workers who are asymptomatic.

What Are The Pertinent Dates of the 2020-21 NBA Season?

● December 1-15, 2020                 Player workouts and Media presentation

● December 6-10, 2020                 Start of the group plates workouts

● December 11-19, 2020               Preseason match-ups

● December 22, 2020                      March 4, 2021 - First Half

● March 5-10, 20201                        All-Star Break

● March 11-May 16, 2021              Second Half

● March 25, 2021                               Deadline of the NBA Trade

● May 13-15, 2021                             Hall of Fame Enshrinement for 2020 Class

● May 18-21, 2021                             NBA Play-Ins

● May 22-July 22, 2021                  The NBA Playoffs

How Does The Play-Ins Get Structured?

The teams who will get the 7th until the 10th highest winning percentage in every conference will have the chance to earn the play-ins slot.

When Did The NBA Draft Took Place?

The 2020-21 NBA Draft had taken place last November 18, 2020. In fact, the teams who made significant trades, line-up changes, and new player contracts are seen throughout the season. However, that depends on each team, whether they stay on the bench or part of the starting roster.

Are There Any Salary Cap Changes For The 2020-21 NBA campaign?

There are no significant changes when it comes to the salary cap this season. The tax level remains the same, just like in the past editions.

Will The Raptors Play In Canada This Season?

The Toronto Raptors' first game will take place in Tampa, Florida. Currently, all schedules of the Raptors, including the time and the venue, remain unseen.

Are Fans Allowed At NBA Games?

Last season, the fans were strictly limited inside the venue to avoid the spread of Coronavirus. It includes the play-ins as well as the Conference and NBA Finals. Today, the fans are still allowed but with 50% capacity.

Moreover, the number of audiences allowed inside the field depends on the NBA organization's decision, which you can track a week before the scheduled match-up takes place.


For many NBA fans, the 2020-21 season may have started immediately a few months after the last season. Remember that it's now back to its original dates because last year was full of schedule setbacks in line with major lockdowns and event restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

As you can see, there is a shorter schedule compared to the past editions, but this will not cut the hype of the fans anticipating this sporting event. Hence, the full FAQs above will surely guide how the 2020-21 NBA season will run.