5 Transfers that could change world Football

5 Transfers that could change world Football

This summer’s football transfer market can only be described as ‘crazy’. But then again, which transfer market is any other way. World-record transfers, controversial move, players forcing moves are just a few of the things that has been happening so far, and it’s still over a month before the transfer market closes.
The biggest transfers thus far is Romelu Lukaku to Manchester United, James Rodriguez to Bayern Munich, Wayne Rooney to Everton, Alexandre Lacazette to Arsenal, Alvaro Morata to Chelsea, Mohamad Salah to Liverpool and Benjamin Mendy and Kyle Walker to Man City. Whilst these transfers do represent a significant amount of money spent, it is unlikely to monumentally shift a season in any of these sides favor. We’ve ranked the five transfers that would leave the football world with jaws drops and heavily shift the modus operandi of the football world:

Neymar to Paris Saint-Germain

Arguable the biggest transfer news this season, the speculation over Neymar’s potential move to PSG has the football world dizzy and going crazy. PSG will have to pay a world-record €199 million buy-out-clause from Barcelona. It’s not a fee that the PSG club would be shy of paying as seen in their previous lucrative summer transfers and are backed by Qatar financial powerhouses.

The deal is still in the balance but there are certain tell-tale signs that it might actually happen. The biggest hint so far was when Neymar cancelled a scheduled event in China due to him having to deal with ‘transfer businesses. Further fire was added to the transfer when he walked out of training after coming in a bust-up with Barcelona’s new signing Nelson Semedo.

The deal will not only to put PSG in the driving seat to win the Champions League, but also shift the Spanish Liga. Real Madrid will likely have the upper hand as a pivotal player for Barcelona would be missing. Neymar would also have the opportunity to disrupt the views on who the best player in the world is, after being in Messi and Ronaldo’s shadows ever since he moved to play his football in Spain.

Kylian Mbappe to Real Madrid

At only the age of 18, Kylian Mbappe is in the middle of one of the biggest and potentially most expensive transfer moves of all time. The Monaco Forward broke onto the scene last year helping them win the French Trophy after the stranglehold which PSG had over if for four year. Currently being dubbed as the next “Thierry Henry, several clubs are fighting over him, particularly Real Madrid. Reports have suggested that a fee has been agreed for the move at €180 million. Many of Real Madrid senior players have already said to the media publicly that they would accept him, including Captain Sergio Ramos and Cristiano Ronaldo.

Mbappe would a sensational addition to the star-studded Real Madrid and just add to the momentum the club is currently experiencing. However, reports suggest that Real Madrid would have to sell to make funds available to get Mbappe, which could lead to further moves in an already whirlwind-like transfer market.

Alexis Sanchez to Manchester City

All eyes in the English Premier League is watching this move: Arsenal’s Alexis Sanchez to Manchester City. The Manchester City Manager is a known fan of Alexis Sanchez having previously coached him at Barcelona. He alluded to the possibility of bringing him to the club, but was typically being vague with the media suggesting that ‘we will see if we can buy someone else”.

The move will see Alexis Sanchez earn just under €450 000,000 a week. Sanchez added fuel to the fire by posting an Instagram picture with his dog in the picture saying “sick” with a sad looking face. It could mean that he is ill or sick of his current situation at Arsenal. The Arsenal forward has not yet signed a new contract Arsenal, and if he chooses not to sign a contract (with one year left) it could mean Arsenal lets him go on a ‘free-transfer’ next year. That would be a huge loss for Arsenal, and in some ways he is forcing his move to Man City. Time will tell. Man City would undeniably take a substantial step towards being Premier League champions with signing of Sanchez having already added heavyweights in defense and attack.

Phillipe Coutinho to Barcelona

The dynamic Phillipe Coutinho is a long known fan of Barcelona, admiring their playing style and the way it suits his own playing style. This move of Liverpool’s’ Coutinho to Barcelona is currently in the balance with the potential move of Neymar to PSG. Liverpool is said to have an asking price of Coutinho around €100million. New manager of Barcelona Ernesto Valverde will be desperate to make an impact immediately, and a move for Phillipe Coutinho might be just what he needs to add impetus to the squad who looked sluggish last season.

The Brazilian intentional has been at the center of the Premier League for the past two seasons, being involved in the most plays in the Premier League which lead to goals more than any other player. Liverpool coach would not like to lose his star player, but with the money being offered it might be hard to say no. Barcelona would add a pivotal player in their midfield which seemed to be there missing ingredient last season, forcing Lionel Messi to drop further in midfield to help the team.

Ivan Perisic to Manchester United

Manchester United boss Jose Mourinho is a known tactician both on the field with his players and also with the transfers he makes. The Croatian midfielder Ivan Perisic is said to be a keen favorite of the boss, as he is not currently happy with the number 10 position in the Manchester United squad. Inter Milan boss has stated he will do his best to stop the move from occurring, but cannot do anything if Perisic forces a move. If this move does not fall through, there is also speculation that Ross Barkley is being eyed by Manchester United.

While this is not a move that will rock the Premier League to its’ core, it certainly adds a missing link to the Manchester United field to help new signing Lukaku succeed.

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