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One of the biggest, most recognizable names in football today is Neymar da Silva Santos Junior, more popularly known as Neymar. This 25-year-old athlete plays for FC Barcelona and Brazil’s national football team. Since his professional debut at the age of 18, this guy has already scored 51 goals out of his 76 matches—a feat that has astounded both critics and fans.
Apart from his dribbling and foot skills, however, the best part about Neymar is his hair. Neymar’s hair transformations have become some of football’s most anticipated “events”. It is ever-changing, and each time he sports a new hairstyle on the field, he rocks it ever so modishly.
And, because Neymar’s hairstyles have already become almost legendary, many try to copy them. What follows is a list of this football superstar’s coolest hair modes plus a couple of tips on how you can possibly pull them off. Good luck!

1. Simple Short

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Each time Neymar wears this style, girls swoon. It is a really simple hair cut, okay, but this guy makes it madly interesting. The secret to rocking this style is to keep it looking sharp and neat. THE. ENTIRE. TIME. You have to make sure that the neck area is shaved to perfection, and that you got some little nice fade going on as well. After taking a bath and before your hair completely dries out, liberally smother your locks with your favorite styling mousse. Sculpt it to match your outfit for the day or the occasion you are heading to, and carry it with confidence. Some little cute bangs hanging down your forehead looks sexy on this kind of cut as well.

2. Angular Fringe

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If you want to look edgy in a not so imposing way, you got to be pulling off Neymar’s angular fringe. For best results, bring a picture of Neymar sporting this hair at your favorite barber shop and tell your stylist to do your locks the exact same way. Well, there are two equally great variations to this style—you can have shaved sides coupled with a long top layer scissored out at a certain angle, or a close cropped cut. You would look hot either way. For the styling, start by drying your hair then straightening it out. After which, apply some styling wax to keep things in place, and of course to angle your hair the mightiest way possible.

3. Spiky Mullet

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This style is the perfect embodiment of “Business in front, party in the back”. Neymar, however, has his own take on this popular hairstyle of the 80s. His is composed of countless many spikes! Those skewers can be a little bit hard to achieve, so make sure to seek for a skilled stylist. Also, the front part is quite long, and you have to keep it in place using a headband just like what Neymar does. This mullet looks way edgier than the traditional one, so if you want to stand out quite a bit from the rest, you better sport this style ASAP!

4. Undercut

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Massive props to Neymar for re-popularizing this old and tested hair spectacle. Before he splashed onto the scene, this style was close to reaching cliché status. Thanks to him, he sort of made this cut cool again! Well, Neymar’s undercut is unique in the sense that it has jagged sides. So, if you are planning to get this exact same style, tell your stylist to cut your sides in a totally uneven manner to achieve that sexy choppy appearance. To style it, you can use hair wax or pomade. Your choice! You got to keep that hair looking structured the entire day, and you will be receiving more stares than you usually do. To uphold the aesthetics of this cut, you have to regularly shave and trim the sides and the back. Maintenance is key, bro!

5. Brushed Up

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Neymar looks most dapper whenever he sports this kind of style. It just looks well put together, and it suits him to a T. But, it can look good on you, too! If you are digging this type of thing, might as well wait for your gorgeous locks to grow up to four inches long first and foremost. After that, have your favorite stylist trim your back and sides. Styling this one out is actually quite easy. No need to straighten your hair out. Leave it as it naturally is. Apply gel or pomade on your still damp hair, and slowly work that thing upwards with the help of a brush. The truth of the matter, however, is that all you need are your fingers to achieve that clean brushed up look. Your hands are your best tools, remember? As soon as your hair dries out from all the stroking, keep it intact with a hairspray. Lots of it!

6. Mohawk

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And, we are down to Neymar’s most popular hairstyle—the Mohawk. Just like the previous one, achieving this hairstyle requires you to wait for your hair to grow up to four inches. After completing that phase, shave the sides of your head but try to leave a little stripe of hair at the center. Then, divide your hair into small sections and straighten them all out. Of course, a Mohawk would never be a Mohawk without its trademark crest! To achieve that, apply mousse on that bunch of locks and brush. For best results, use your fingers. You can never go wrong with your fingers! Once you have felt that you have already satiated every single one of your Mohawk fantasies, just let that hair grow naturally back to normal, then start experimenting again!

Have you made your mind up yet? Which one of those hairstyles do you love the most? Which among those Neymar haircuts do you think suits you best? Here is an advice: Do not be afraid to experiment. If you will not take risks, you will never find out which style you are born to slay! And, you do not want that to happen, do you?

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