7 stars to watch out for in the English Premier League this season

The official starting date for the 2017/18 season for the English Premier League is 11 August 2017. A day that has everyone on their edge of their seats as to see how the season will start off. So many questions going into the new EPL season. Who will win the title? Who will be relegated? And also, which stars are going to shine this season? We compiled a list of players to look out for this season who could really light the EPL up in ways we’ve never seen before.

Alexandre Lacazette

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The 26 year old midfielder brought in by Arsene Wenger to bolster Arsenal’s defense had a phenomenal last season with Lyon, scoring 37 goals. He will likely take up the focal point of Arsenal’s attack, moving Olivier Giroud to the bench, despite the contrasting pre-season forms of both strikers. Former Arsenal Legend Thierry Henry endorsed Lacazette and has full confidence that he will succeed. He has precision and pace, which are key elements to succeed in the EPL. If Lacazette’s form is anything like it was for Lyon, then he is sure one to keep an eye on.

Alvaro Morata

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Chelsea captain recently revealed that he believes Morata was able to easily ‘settle’ into the team and life in London. This was due to his maturity and also being surrounded by other Spanish Players. These are key elements for foreign players to hit the ground running in the EPL. Morata has had rather indifferent seasons with Real Madrid and Juventus, and this really is being seen as his true breakout season. The 24-year old is a favorite of manager Antonio Conte. He seems to have it all then: youth, money, settling in, favored by his manager. All the key ingredients to make a success in the EPL and possibly challenge for the golden boot.

Mohamed Salah

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There’s often nothing more dangerous force on the field than a man with a ‘point to prove’. Mohamad Salah in many ways might feel this way, after having a second chance to show his worth after an unsuccessful stint with Chelsea. Salah has lightning pace, and silky skills and it’s easy to see why manager Jürgen Klopp forked out a big sum of money to purchase him from Roma. He will likely be one of the forces in midfield to deal with, after an impressive 15 goals and 11 assists with Roma last season.

Paul Pogba

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You don’t have the price tag of being formerly the ‘most expensive transfer of all time’ (after Neymar to PSG) without showing your worth. Well, that is at least what many football fans would argue and what Manchester United manager Jose Mourinho would be expecting from Paul Pogba. After only scoring a disappointing 9 goals in his first season with Manchester United, it is expected that his adjustment should be complete which should reveal the ‘Juventus Pogba’ that excited the world. More than anything, fans are looking to see impact in which Pogba has on games. There is an expectancy that he should be able to shift games into Manchester United’s favor with his wealth of talent. Such dynamism only remains dormant for a short time, and 2017/2018 might seriously reveal the value to the price tag which Pogba cost united.

Harry Kane

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Last season’s EPL golden boot winner Harry Kane is expected to continue his form that saw him score 29 EPL goals last season. Despite having many doubters, he has consistently proved them wrong and is one of the most consistent and deadliest strikers in world football. In fact, his role is quite pivotal this season for Tottenham Hotspurs as it will be expected that his goal scoring tally amounts to a big title which the club has been starved for too long. He has earned the golden boot for two years running in 2015/16 and 2016/17. During those years, he guided Spurs to 3rd and 2nd places respectively. Without a doubt, he would be expected to use this same form to take Tottenham Hotspurs just one position higher.


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Javier Hernandez (otherwise known as Chicharito) is really one of those footballers that has two important things going for him. Firstly, he is adored wherever he goes by his own fans, opposition fans and just football supporters. Secondly, he is always able to quickly adapt for whichever club he plays for. After spending about 5 years with Manchester United, he moved between Real Madrid and Bayer Leverkusen. Despite this, he managed to make an impact at these clubs whether he started or came on as a super-sub. So, it is just a formality that Chicharito will at least score 15+ goals this season for his new Club, West-Ham United. He is blessed with pace and a killer instinct and is unstoppable on his day.

Romelu Lukaku

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Fast, strong, and lethal are all the right characteristics for a striker and is exactly what new Manchester United signing Lukaku has. Already familiar with the EPL and always amongst the top goal scoring strikers in the league with Everton, Lukaku is certainly one to look out for. He is amongst a list of only five players to have scored over 50 goals before their 23rd birthday and it’s easy to see why Mourinho invested so much money in him. He has always been on top of the goal scoring charts with a lackluster attack of Everton and the sky is the limit with Pogba, Lingaard and Martial on his shoulder to feed off from. New Manchester United signing Nemenja Matic will also provide much needed stability to give the go-forward that Lukaku needs to succeed.

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