Kristaps Porzingis Has A Thing For Instagram Hotties

Kristaps Porzingis Has A Thing For Instagram Hotties


There's something with Instagram beauties that's attracting Kristaps Porzingis. If Joel Embiid is the King of Twitter, Porzingis is the Emperor of Instagram.

The 7-3 New York Knicks unicorn has been very active in Instagram, taking shots at the most gorgeous and curvaceous babes in social media.

Dropping An Eye


In February, Porzingis was tagged for dropping the wandering eyes emoji into the comments section of one of the photos of red hot Instagram sensation Abigail Ratchford:


Ratchford replied to Porzingis with an emoji or her own emoji:


As millenials know, the pursed lips emoji is one of the sweetest replies any girl could make without saying a single word. Getting that response from a sexy social media icon who has 8.2M followers is even much sweeter. In case you're wondering what photo KP was ogling at, this is the one:

Spicy ; ) 🌶🌶🌶 image by SplashNews 📸

A post shared by A b i g a i l 👑 (@abigailratchford) on

You can't blame Porzingis at all. Ratchford is one of social media's man magnets and rightfully so. Some of her pictures have been so hot that they have been removed from Instagram. Unfortunately for KP, his flirtation with Abigail Ratchford never got any farther than this.

Getting Shut Down


Several months later, Porzingis was busy with Instagram again. This time, the Latvian superstar was hot on the trail of model Inis Nikic. But while Porzingis scored with Abigail Ratchford, he was shut down by the Croatian beauty:

@kporzee who?😜 Spavaš li mirno Porzingis Kristapsu?

A post shared by Ines Nikić (@ines_nikic) on

Porzingis was persistent but for a second time, Nikic slammed the door on the Knicks' unicorn:

A post shared by Ines Nikić (@ines_nikic) on

But again, judging from her photos, you can't blame Porzingis for trying. But as she says, no smashing for the Porzingod here.

And then training camp began, pre-season passed and the NBA's 2017-18 regular season started. Kristaps Porzingis got off to the fastest start by any Knicks player in the history of the franchise. He became the first knickerbocker to score 300 points in the first 10 games of the season. Porzingis' mark broke Bernard King's previous record of 298 points.

With Porzingis' eyes fixated on the goal of making the Knicks great again, he laid low in social media, focusing his attention on getting wins for his team rather than his personal conquests. But with Porzingis becoming an even better star ( a demigod even ) this season and the Knicks flirting in playoff position, the Porzingod is starting to get busy off the court once again.

Back At It Again


Last week, TMZ reported that Porzingis was spotted leaving a NYC club with a sexy blonde named Bambi. Like the previous apples of Kristaps' eyes, Bambi is an Instagram model. And unlike Porzingis' former 'targets', he seems to have gotten to first base with this blonde.

But just as Kristaps and Bambi made headlines, Porzingis was on the prowl again. The Knicks' big man began following another Instagram sensation:

This time around, it was fitness model Jen Selter whom Porzingis was after. Selter only has 11.2M Instagram followers, including Kristaps Porzingis. Porzingis' effort was most probably noticed as it didn't take long before Ms. Selter replied by hinting that she missed New York City a little…..

Missing NYC a lil bit...

A post shared by Jen Selter (@jenselter) on

She then followed that up by using a unicorn emoji on her next Instagram post:

Weekend 🦄

A post shared by Jen Selter (@jenselter) on

She upped the bar by attending the Knicks' game against the Los Angeles Lakers at the famed Madison Square Garden.

Sure, it was Michael Beasley who delivered the big buckets in OT. But Porzingis certainly did not disappoint us nor Jen Selter. He scored 37 points, grabbed 11 rebounds and
Blocked 5 shots in 40 minutes of action. In fact, this was Porzingis' highest scoring game since setting his career high of 40 points last November 5. Did Jen Selter have anything to do with it ? We don't know for sure but Porzingis certainly played like it was the most important game of his life. Talk about making a good first impression.

With Selter literally following Porzingis now and him rumored to be dating Bambi, the Latvian unicorn is officially on fire. Regardless of how good Harden, LeBron, Kyrie and Giannis are playing right now, Kristaps Porzingis is my personal choice for MVP. The Unicorn is on fire on and off the basketball court.

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