Marcus Edwards Tottenham Comeback is Inevitable

Marcus Edwards Tottenham Comeback is Inevitable

The 2017-18 Premier only has a few weeks before it ends, but this doesn’t mean that it’s a done deal for the clubs, especially with what Tottenham had been into recently. The Hotspurs might be in the fourth spot of the league's power rankings, but they're still eager to improve things a notch even if they don’t make it to finals-contention.

What better way to do that than by bolstering their roster and getting back one of their young top guns? Well, that’s just what’s currently happening as reports confirmed that Daniel Farke is heading back to the Wembley Stadium.

Back to Wembley

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Farke is one of the most promising graduates of Tottenham Hotspur’s academy who was previously sent on a loan to Championship club, Norwich City. However, the loan tenure wasn’t finished as he went back to his original club early.

Reports said that the reason why he decided to leave the Canaries early in his loan tenure was due to personal reasons. Edwards has been rumored to have attitude problems even before he was loaned to Norwich. Sports analysts believe that this might well be the reason why he decided to end the loan early.

It's also widely believed by the sports community that his uncanny behavior is one of the reasons why Tottenham decided to loan him in the first place. Mauricio Pochettino is clearly seen to not fully trust the 19-year-old in his games, probably because of Edward’s attitude problems.

Edwards and His Issues

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In a book by Guillem Balague titled Brave New World, Pochettino described Edwards to have issues when it comes to accepting authority. He implied that the young Englishman doesn’t sync well when it comes to accepting leadership from other people.

Poch even regretted calling him as the “Young Messi" in one of their press conferences. The Norwich loan was supposed to be Edward's opportunity to improve his game further, and in the process, become a mainstay in the Spurs roster once the loan ends.

Unfortunately, the unexpected happened, and his egoistic character gobbled up his chance to prove his worth. In fact, Norwich manager Daniel Farke said that he did his best to train Edwards, even if it means approaching the training process in a “hard” manner.

Farke also added that the midfielder’s attitude problem was very evident throughout his entire time in Norwich. He even said that it would be hard for Edwards to shine in the Premiere League or even go beyond Championship level if he stays that way.

The Need for More Recognition

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However, the fault is not entirely on Edwards. The 19-year-old only appeared in one game for Norwich, and it was only for a minuscule six minutes. What makes it even worse is that it ended in a loss — which is exactly what you don’t want to happen especially if you’re on a club that’s playing on a second-tier league.

Nonetheless, he made it to the bench a number of times — not a good thing if you’ve got superstar potential. It’s important to note that Edwards had been injured for quite some time, another reason why he didn’t get the amount of playing time he expected.

The media, however, don't put all the blame on Edwards. One of the people who came to his rescue was Chris Miller who said on Twitter that Edwards was subject to a bad loan and therefore became a bad fit for Norwich.

He also added that loans like these are common in the Premier League, and Edwards is just unlucky to have experienced one. Another thing that sports analysts pointed out is that attitude problems are common for young and “super-talented” players.

Looking Onwards

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With this, it’s safe to say that Edwards is just experiencing the natural effects of being young and talented, as what pundits say. Despite these, he still needs to work things out, both in the field and in the way he sees and approaches things.

It’s not that hard for him to excel in the sport knowing that he’s got a whole lot of talent tucked under his sleeves. However, he needs to understand that the world of football isn’t just all about skill and talent. It also needs an insanely high work ethic where players respect authority and accept the fact that they need to go through the eye of a needle to achieve greatness.

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