Pixellot’s Sports Broadcasting Coverage is a Game Changer

Pixellot’s Sports Broadcasting Coverage is a Game Changer

When the Sports Action Flies Thick & Fast Pixellot Captures it in Real Time

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The competitive sporting arena is a powder keg of explosive action waiting to erupt. Sports fans, managers, and coaches rely on HD footage for full coverage of the action. This was the erstwhile domain of sports broadcasters and major news networks, oftentimes at tremendous cost. Now, an Israeli high-tech enterprise named Pixellot has dropped anchor in this realm, and it's already a total game changer. Thanks to a combination of AI-powered technology, sophisticated video cameras are capable of thinking and behaving like highly-trained human beings, with computer precision in sports broadcasting coverage.

The Pixellot HD cameras are calibrated during the camera installation phase, with full identification of the boundaries of the court and the field of play. This calibration is sacrosanct; it allows the Deep Learning technology to perfectly understand the gameplay by tracking and focusing on the players who are actually participating, not the fans or coaches on the sidelines. Thanks to Deep Learning technology, a powerful algorithm runs in less than 10 m/s per frame, to ensure the stability of the system.

Multiple Static HD Pixellot Cameras with Seamless Stitching Algorithms

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In ball games, Deep Learning must be able to clearly identify the players and the ball. This proves to be a challenging undertaking, given that the ball can be on the ground, in the air, or off the field of play at times. The complexity ratchets up a notch by dint of the spectators, benched players, coaches, sports broadcasters, and onlookers. The Pixellot Deep Learning construct assesses multiple components simultaneously, allowing for real-time coverage of sports action on every play. With a lead time of up to 4 seconds, the cameras must be able to anticipate where the ball will be ahead of time, allowing for continuity of video coverage.

Accuracy can be bolstered by adding additional cameras onto the field of play, allowing them to function in harmony. The beauty of AI technology and Deep Learning is that this form of knowledge-based awareness improves with every iteration, rendering, and experience. Akin to an encyclopedia being populated with questions and answers, the more content there is, the more comprehensive the coverage. The Pixellot systems improve with time, permitting higher levels of accuracy on every play. AI has shown tremendous promise and there is no limit to its powerful applications in the wide world of sports with AI-automated sports production.

Top Football Clubs and Leagues Now Using Pixellot Robotic Cameras

Clients can select their own view of the action with Pixellot TV, since you can seamlessly stream content on Mac, PC, Android or iOS devices. Such is the quality of the sports broadcasting, that HD virtual reality is readily available for an ‘on the field of play’ experience. This puts coaches and players back in the thick of the action, for the ultimate in-play re-experience. Already Pixellot systems are being used by the ranking football clubs in the world, the likes of which include Bayern Munich of Bundesliga fame, Real Madrid and FC Barcelona of La Liga, and the legendary SL Benfica of the Primeira Liga, and many others. The Pixellot solution brings cost-effective solutions of the highest possible quality to sports leagues who would otherwise have foregone broadcast coverage with these powerful automated sport cameras.

Groundbreaking Technology Revolutioning Sports Production

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In fact, the Pixellot camera algorithm currently boasts a 98% accuracy rating, with room for improvement. By pushing for greater accuracy through technological advancements, the degree of error diminishes to negligible proportions. The objective is bringing sports fans, coaches, and other stakeholders the most accurate, up-to-date video content imaginable. Presently, the benefits of sports broadcasting coverage are restricted to professional sports teams, leagues, and divisions. Now, thanks to AI in Deep Learning, in concert with Pixellot’s proprietary technology, it is possible for sports teams at all levels to acquire best-in-class sports broadcasting coverage at a fraction of the cost of traditional camera-crew operated footage.