The Best Fan Engagement Platforms Every Sports Fan Should Try

The Best Fan Engagement Platforms Every Sports Fan Should Try

It goes without saying that sports and sporting events are an integral part of our society – we all unite around our favourite sports teams and athletes. With fan engagement platforms, every sports fan has the chance to transition from a mere observer cheering from the sidelines to an active participant in their favourite team. Here are the best fan engagement platforms every sports fan should try.

In many regards, can be considered the pioneer of fan engagement platforms. With, you're more than just a fan – it allows you to influence your favourite sports team, play, and win. It gives you the chance to influence your team's decisions and enjoy once-in-a-lifetime experiences.

First, download the Socios App on Google Play or App Store, go to the BETA web app, and then create and verify your account. The next step is to fund your account with the Chiliz token – the official crypto for You can seamlessly do so with your bank card; alternatively, you can also "hunt" for free fan tokens within the Socios in-app game. The "Token Hunt" feature is an augmented reality game that lets you find free fan tokens hidden in your neighbourhood. Once your account is funded with CHZ, proceed to exchange the CHZ for your favourite team's fan tokens. has partnered with every mainstream sports team ranging from football, gaming, fighting, motorsport, basketball, tennis, American football,  ice hockey, and MLS. And each team has its unique fan token. The fan tokens are utility tokens built on the Chiliz blockchain. When you buy a team's fan token, you have the right to vote on official polls presented by the team; generally, when teams launch polls, they are obligated to abide by the popular vote.

More so, you are eligible for a host of VIP perks, meet-and-greet events, and exclusive promotions depending on the team – they get you a step closer to enjoying once-in-a-lifetime experiences with your favourite sports team. Note that you can also trade the fan tokens on the Socios app.

As the ultimate fan engagement platform, isn't just about voting on team polls. You can trade your fan tokens and watch out for the upcoming Fan Token Offering (FTO) on the Socios marketplace. The predictor feature allows you to predict every match's outcome and earn points for every correct prediction. The more points you earn, the closer you get to win epic rewards.


While platforms like Socios and Sorare pioneered the fan engagement platforms, Fanzee is set to lead the market in terms of web3 fan engagement. As a Web3 fan engagement platform, Fanzee aims to revolutionize fan engagement through quiz challenges, marketplace, fan leaderboard, bet challenge, and collection building. These are designed to provide advanced gamification experiences for sports and entertainment, with immersive experiences for the fans.

When it goes live, Fanzee could become an all-in-one solution offering the ultimate fan experience. It's set to have various tools to help fans design and customize their engagement level with their favourite teams. It will also include incentives such as a hold-to-earn model for rare game items and a marketplace to trade them. The marketplace will also be the primary gateway for clubs to release their exclusive digital content and for fans to trade collectables.

Fans can also interact with like-minded fans through PvP betting challenges on games and matches. This includes fantasy team management, championships, and several card mechanics. And you'll get your bragging rights on the Fanz Leaderboard! The more your fan engagement level increases, the more unique level challenges will be unlocked.

That said, no web3 fan engagement platform is complete without NFT tickets and club tokens. Fanzee has already partnered with some of the top crypto exchanges like KuCoin to list the club tokens when they are launched. This will ensure adequate token liquidity, which fans can use for voting, purchasing collectables, participating in challenges, etc. Fanzee will also provide clubs with NFT tickets to reward loyal fans with VIP treatment during matches as they see fit.


VO₂ is a fan engagement platform designed for fans to engage directly with athletes instead of sports teams. The platform allows fans to become stakeholders in their favourite athletes. Typically, athletes create their branded tokens on VO₂; these tokens are usually limited and exclusive – only 10,000 tokens per athlete. The athlete tokens are branded and customizable ERC-1155 tokens, which serve as a fan's access to a particular athlete's community.

One of the most revolutionary features on VO₂ is the engage-to-earn model. The rewards are distributed as Oxygen Credits, denominated in the US dollar, which can be redeemed for exclusive merchandise, experiences, and other offerings in athlete marketplaces. For fans, buying an athlete token makes you a stakeholder and gives you the right to engage the athlete directly and earn. Generally, the more you engage within the athlete's community, the more your engagement level increases, which determines the rewards you receive when the athlete wins. The rewards include tickets to eves and games and merch.

You can buy the athlete tokens on the VO₂ marketplace, and since these tokens are ERC-1155 standard, you can buy and sell them on third-party marketplaces like OpenSea and LooksRare. But their true utility lies on VO₂, where they bestow the right to interact with athletes. You get to vote on how the athletes train, the design of their jerseys, how they celebrate after a win, and so on.


Regardless of the sports team or athlete you cheer on, these top fan engagement platforms allow you to influence your club’s decision, and get to enjoy once-in-a-lifetime opportunities.