The Different Types of Sports Bets that You Can Place on Sports Events like Football and Basketball

The Different Types of Sports Bets that You Can Place on Sports Events like Football and Basketball

Sports betting remains to be one of the favorite ways for people to gamble. This is especially for the sports fanatics out there. There’s just no better way to level up these sports matches other than getting money and predicting skills involved. Whatever sports it is, for sure, there is an online bookie that is ready to accept your bet.

Choosing an online bookie can already be an overwhelming task. 22Bet is one of the best bookies out there that you should give a try. You can check more info about this online bookie on Efirbet. It has a solid review on this sports bookie and this should help you know why this site is a good place to start if you’re new to the betting scene.

Speaking of being new to the betting scene, you should know that there are different types of bets that you can place on sites like 22Bet. We are here to let you know what the different types of bets are so keep on reading!

· Straight Bets

This type of bet of bet is placed on a single game or match and this is the most basic and most common type of bet that everybody knows about. For this, a betting line is already set and this line is called a point spread. What you do is that you either bet on the favorite or you give up the points and place a bet on the underdogs instead. If in case the match ends up with a tie, this is called as a push. If a push happens, you won’t be winning any money.

· Total Line Bets

This is also a single wager and what you’ll be betting on here is whether the combined goal, point, or run total of the match will be over or under what the bookie has set. This is also a popular way for many people to bet. This type of bet can be placed before a match begins or during the half of a game, depending on what odds the bookie is offering.

· Money Line Bets

A money line bet is a straight-forward way to place a bet for a match. For this type of bet, you’ll be predicting on which team will be winning without a point spread. This is commonly placed for sports events like baseball and hockey matches. You can also easily notice or see the difference between the amount of the minimum bet you’re allowed to place for the favorites and the underdogs. This way, you can easily see how risky your bet could be.

· Parlay Bets

This is also called as an accumulator, combo, or a multi bet. This is a single bet that links two or more individual wagers and the chances of you winning will depend on all those wagers winning together or as a whole. This means that if any of your bets lose, you lose the entire thing. Bookies would usually need you to have 10 to 12 picks for this and again, all these picks should be perfect for you to win. It’s kind of like having to win the lottery with a combination of numbers.

With this, placing parlay bets can be very risky. However, this is also a great way to earn high rewards or bigger amounts of money. This is something you should do if you’re feeling very sure about your predictions and you’re after big profits from betting.

· Head-to-Head Bets

This is typically offered on competitions with just two competitors and what you do here is to predict which competitor will be finishing the race or tournament first. Basically, you have to pick a winner and if that team or athlete wins, you also win. It’s a very direct and upfront type of bet. There are times that money lines are included in each competitor for the bookies to place a handicap on the match.

· Teaser Bets

Also called as a two-team teaser, a teaser bet allows you to combine your bets on two different matches. For this, you can adjust the point spreads for the two games. This is basically a twist on parlay bets as you’re grouping two picks together for a single bet. This may not be a type of bet that everyone is comfortable with because it is really hard to hit.

These are the different types of bets that you can place for different sports events. When looking for the right bookie, you should also consider whether you’ll be able to place the type of bet that you are aiming for as each bookie would offer different odds and types of bets.