The Top 10 Hottest Basketball Girls in the World

The Top 10 Hottest Basketball Girls in the World

Basketball is a predominantly male sport. But in recent years, the women’s game has developed. We’ve seen many professional leagues sprout all over the world and in the United States, the WNBA was established in 1996. Although they are still very far from the commercial status of their male counterparts, the ladies have served notice. But if you think that because basketball is a physical sport, the players would be big and masculine, think again. Women’s basketball has produced some of the hottest female athletes in the world.

We’ve listed down 10 names so you can check for yourselves:

10. Sandrine Gruda


The starting center for the French Women’s National Basketball team is also a center of attraction off the court.

Sandrine Gruda is the daughter of a former member of the French Men’s National Basketball team so getting into basketball was a no-brainer. This 6-4 hottie started playing basketball professionally in 2005 and has played for teams like US Valenciennes Olympic in France and UMMC Ekaterinburg in Russia. She was drafted in the WNBA by the Connecticut Sun in 2007 but played just played three seasons there.

She re-appeared in the WNBA as a back-up center for the L.A. Sparks in 2016 and won the WNBA title with the team. She currently plays for Fenebache Istanbul in Turkey.

9. Sue Bird

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This Bird can stir up a storm with her looks. Talk about aging gracefully. Sue Bird has been here for centuries. Yet she still looks like the same or even better as the years go by.
Sue Bird was the Seattle Storm’s top overall pick in 2002 and since then, she’s played for several basketball teams outside the United States. In the WNBA though, Bird is one of its most decorated veterans, not to mention one of its most gorgeous ever. There have only been nine players who have won the NCAA title, WNBA championship and Olympic gold medal. Sue Bird is one of them.

Bird has helped the Storm to win two WNBA titles. She has also played for four gold medal winning Olympic teams. She has been named to seven All-WNBA Teams and eight All-Star selections. Bird led the WNBA in assists in three seasons, including the 2016 season.

8. Candace Parker


Sparks could fly when Candace Parker hits the hardwood. Not only is she a versatile basketball player, she is also one of the sexiest stars in the WNBA. If you’re a two time WNBA MVP, that’s hot. If you graced the cover of ESPN’s Body Issue, you’ve got to be hotter. Well Parker is both.

Candace is the younger sister of former NBA player Anthony Parker but she’s made a name for herself. Drafter #1 overall by the L.A. Sparks in 2008, Parker led Los Angeles to the 2016 WNBA title. In fact, she was Finals MVP last season. She holds the distinction of being the first female player to dunk on an NCAA game and to dunk twice in the same game.

Parker led the WNBA in rebounds for two seasons. She is a three time WNBA All-Star, four time member of the All-WNBA First Team and two time member of the WNBA All-Defensive 2nd team.

7. Elena Delle Donne

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Elena Delle Donne may be the one of the best players in the WNBA right now. But while we don’t know where she ranks in the league, we know she belongs in our Top 10 with her combination of skill and beauty.

After being the 2nd overall pick in the 2013 WNBA draft of the Chicago Sky, Delle Donne won Rookie of the Year honors in 2013 and was also named to the All-WNBA Second team during her rookie season. She has been an All-Star since 2013 and was the WNBA’s MVP and scoring champion in 2015 when she averaged 23.4 points per game.

Unlike most of the WNBA stars that play overseas during the offseason, Delle Donne takes the time off to take care of her sister Lizzie who has cerebral palsy.

6 . Elina Babkina


This pretty shooting guard has been all over the world playing basketball and winning the hearts of male basketball fans.

At the age of 16, Babkina was already offered a contract by Russian Superleague team UMMC Ekaterinburg. She has played in various parts of the world including Poland, Turkey, Czech Republic and Russia. She is currently the starting shooting guard of the CREF Hola Madrid basketball team in the Spanish LFB and a member of the Latvian Women’s National Team.

She won the bronze medal twice in the FIBA Europe Under 20 women’s tournament and was part of the Latvian Women’s basketball team which played in the 2008 Olympics. She was drafted by the Los Angeles Sparks with the 29th pick of the 2011 WNBA Draft. The Sparks signed her in 2015 but she hasn’t played a single game with them.

5. Yelena Leuchanka

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She most recently played in the WNBA for the Atlanta Dream but it’s safe to say she was the dream in Atlanta.

Yelena Leuchanka is a Belarusian basketball player who joined the Atlanta Dream in their inaugural season in 2008. Prior to that, she also made appearances for the WNBA teams Charlotte Sting and Washington Mystics. Collegiately, she played three seasons for West Virginia University.

She led the Belarus national team in the 2008 Olympic Qualifiers and took them to the 2008 Summer Olympics. She also represented her country in the 2007 and 2009 Eurobasket Tournament, winning the bronze medal in 2007. She last played for the Xinjang Tishan Deers in China.

4. Antonija Misura


She was unpicked in the 2010 WNBA draft but we’re picking her on our list simply because we had no choice. Just check for yourself.

Antonija Misura is a Croatian basketball player who plays for the Croatian National team and the Spanish Team Lointek Gernika Bizkaia. She plays both guard positions and is known for her quickness and style of play. However, she has always been known as one of the most beautiful women to ever grace the basketball court. Bleacher Report called he the most beautiful female competitor in the 2012 Olympics. She is often referred to as the most beautiful athlete in Croatia.

With the Croatian National team, she won a bronze medal in the 2009 Mediterranean Games she also represented her country in the 2012 Olympics as well as the 2011 and 2013 Eurobasket Women.

3. Natalia Zhedik

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In fifth grade, her gym class coach though she was physically developed enough to be a basketball player and offered to train her. She liked it and has gotten hooked to basketball ever since.

Natalia Zhedik is a shooting guard for the Russian basketball team PBC Nadezhda Orenburg. She’s been with the team since 2011. Prior to her current squad, Zhedik played for WBC Spartak Saint Petersburg and Dynamo Moscow.

Zhedik also played for the Russian Women’s Basketball team. She represented Russia in the 2012 Summer Olympics, winning a bronze medal in the process. Zhedik was also part of the Russian Women’s Basketball team which played in the 2010 FIBA World Championships.

2. Skylar Diggins


The list keeps getting hotter. Now let’s go back to the WNBA and take a look at this star point guard from the Dallas Wings. If you can’t dig Skylar, something is wrong.

Diggins was a well-decorated high school and collegiate player. She was National Player of the Year, Female Player of the Year and a McDonald’s All-American before heading to Notre Dame where she won the Nancy Lieberman award for best point guard in the nation in two seasons. Skylar was the 3rd overall pick in the 2013 Draft by the Tulsa Shock. After a not-so impressive rookie season, she improved leaps and bounds and was the WNBA’s Most Improved Player of 2014.

Diggins is a two time WNBA All-Star and a one time member of the All-WNBA First team. She suffered a torn ACL injury in 2015 but has successfully recovered and has even signed a multi-year extension deal with the Wings.

1. Katherine Elhotova

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Even with those two molten basketballs, Katherine Elhotova is the clear top choice for hottest basketball girl in the world.

This Prague native plays for USK Praha of the Czech Women’s Basketball League. She has been with the team since 2007 and was part of the 2013 squad that went unbeaten in 41 games and of the team that won the Euroleague title in 2015. She was the MVP of the FIBA Europe Supercup in 2015. Elhotova also represented the Czech Republic in the 2008 and 2012 Olympics as well as the FIBA World Championships in 2010 and 2014.
She was signed by the WNBA’s Minnesota Lynx in February 2016.