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The Top 10 Hottest College Cheerleading Squads

Photo: stunstupefy.com

Nothing compares to the kind of entertainment cheerleaders bring to any sporting event. These girls are a must in a game where things can get a little way too heated between teams and fans the same. Their boisterous chanting and bouncy dancing coupled with their irresistible charm are enough to cool the heads of everyone present in the stadium, at least during breaks.
These ladies work as hard as the teams they are cheering for. Sadly, sometimes, they are not given much credit for their hard work. They practice all-week and many hours a day, perfecting every routine, making sure that every stunt is sharp and flawless.
That being said, the spotlight is solely theirs at the moment because they deserve it so bad. Here is a list of the hottest cheerleading squads in college football today, all of which are sexy in every sense of the word. You ready to meet each one of them?

10. Lawson State Community College

Photo: stunstupefy.com

Can you give this squad from one of the best community colleges in America today a humongous round of applause? Their school may not be as famous as the other ones, but these guys’ raw talents are definitely one of the best you will ever see. Just like LSCC itself, this squad got loads of potential. They are constantly getting better, and the girls get hotter each academic year. This team just got more to offer!

9. Southern Methodist University

Photo: SI.com

Texas girls are a gorgeous female species, so there is no denying that this school from Dallas has some of the hottest cheerleaders in America and even in the world over. They wear super cute outfits, but nothing can really beat their red and white boots. They are proud country girls and they are screaming it till their lungs give out.

8. University of Southern California

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Cheerleaders from USC are, say, the subtle kind of sexy. Their outfits are not so tiny, which is a rarity in the cheerleading world today. They wear this tight-fitting long-sleeved white top coupled with a miniskirt, and the old-school ensemble sure looks hot on them. Like, they are leaving a little mystery for the spectators to decipher. All they need for them to really shine are their massive pompoms and their irresistibly beautiful selves. They need no silly tricks to impress the crowd. These gals are hot in white.

7. University of Oregon

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Well, this team of hot cheerleaders is a bit controversial, all thanks to the fact that they can get way too sexy at times. Two years ago, a member of this school’s board of trustees suggested banning the squad as she thinks the girls’ dancing is overtly sexual and that some people do not feel comfortable watching them shake those hips that they would leave the stadium during the halftime break. However, it is completely not these ladies’ fault if they are effortlessly hot and charming, and that their tiny outfits fit them to a T!

6. Weber State University

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This school has some of the hottest cheerleaders you will ever find. Plus, these girls look super fun to be with. They are not afraid to take wacky photos of themselves whenever they got free time. They know how to make light of everything. While some cheerleading squads take their job way too seriously that their members already forget to build friendships with each other, these ladies on one hand look super close. Most importantly, these girls’ individual talents cannot be contained! As a result, they got awesome routines and stunts worthy of applause.

5. University of Arizona

Photo: prideofarizona.org

It is great to know that cheerleaders from here have their school’s full support. They take their craft ever so seriously, and the passion they put into what they do is evident whenever they perform. The members are so determined that even after experiencing various inevitable drawbacks that made them quit for quite some time, they still find themselves coming back to join the squad once again, cheering for their alma mater like nothing bad happened.

4. University of Nevada, Las Vegas

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Nobody knows fun better than the people of Las Vegas, Nevada. Proof? These cheerleaders from UNLV! They always are in full-on party mode each time they perform. They never fake their enthusiasm, you guys. Their being genuinely energetic is just in their blood and they can do nothing about it but showcase it for the world to watch and enjoy. And, yes, can we please talk about how attractive these ladies are? Dear heavens, these Rebels!

3. University Of Miami

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It is no secret that getting admitted to this school is like passing through the eye of the needle. It is no walk in the park, not at all. Being one of its cheerleaders is never easy, either. You’ve got to be really good and, of course hot as the Miami weather. How competitive the tryouts must be! Each member looks ravishing, and each one has mad talent to boot! Knowing that these girls all have impressive scholastic records make them even much sexier.

2. University Of Oklahoma

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Cheerleaders from this school are unstoppable. Though cheerleading is not considered as a sports activity by their school, they still continue to slay it. These cheerleader babes persist to exist because they believe they are fighting a good fight, which is to inspire all the male Sooners all the more! These chicks are more than just their beautiful bodies and angelic faces. But really though, they all look so hot and sexy that their physique deserve some massive shout out.

1. New Mexico State

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There is a reason why cheerleaders from New Mexico State look on fleek more often than not. As early as the tryouts, these girls are already required to look their prettiest. They got to be sporting some tight black shorts and black sports bra, as well as perform some nice cheerleading kicks. Rules do not end there yet, though. They also have to fix their hair in a certain way, and they have to make sure they put their makeup on. Lashes should look ready for battle, too! With these,there is zero chance that even a single girl in this squad looks basic (that is for sure).