Top 10 Hottest Volleyball Girls

Top 10 Hottest Volleyball Girls

The sport of volleyball has evolved ever since its invention in the 18th century. It used to be a game of two teams with each team having six players on the court. Now, it has evolved from the indoors to the outdoor.

Enter women’s beach volleyball which has the same mechanics but is played, of course, in the beach by a pair of bikini clad goddesses. Although indoor volleyball remains to be a strong draw, beach volleyball has gained mainstream success and was introduced as an Olympic sport in 1996.

The sport has produced numerous great players as well as some of sports’ hottest athletes. Both indoor and outdoor volleyball have had their share of shapely creations. We’re listing down the Top 10 hottest volleyball girls for you:

10. Sanne Keizer

Photo: Sports-wired

Born in Doetinchem, Netherlands, this Dutch beauty plays both indoor volleyball and beach volleyball although she is well known for the latter and her striking good looks.

Keizer was part of the Dutch National Youth indoor volleyball teams from 1997 until 2002. At the age of 17, she started her Beach Volleyball career by winning the Under-18 World Championships with Arjanne Stevens. She represented the Netherlands in the 2012 Olympics along with Marleen van Iersel but lost to the eventual champions in the first knockout round.

9. Jennifer Kessy

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The CoverGirl cosmetics model for the 2012 London Olympics. Jennifer Anne Kessy was born in San Clemente, California, USA on July 31, 1977. That’s not a typo. She just doesn’t look her age at all.

An athlete since she was young, Jen was an All-American during her senior year at the University of Southern California where she graduated with a degree in history. Kessy won the 2009 FIVB World Championships together with April Ross. The duo went on to win the Silver medal in the 2012 Olympics. Kessy currently plays on the Nivea Corporation’s AVP Tour.

8. Zara Dampney

Photo: Daily Express

She went to Law School at the University of Sheffield and as part of the British adult indoor volleyball team at the age of 16. Born in Christchurch, England, Zara Dampney made her FIVB debut in 2009. While on the tour, she used the back of her bikini bottoms as ad space for bookmaker Betfair.

Dampney and partner Shauna Mullin were awarded the host nation’s spot for beach volleyball in the 2012 Olympics, thereby becoming the first pair to compete in the event for Great Britain.

7. Sheilla Castro

One of volleyball’s most decorated wing spiker is also one of its hottest players.
Sheilla Castro is a two time Olympic gold medalist from Brazil. She represented her country in the 2008 Olympics in Beijing and the London Olympics in 2012 and on both instances, Brazil won the gold medal.

She was named MVP at the FIVB World Grand Prix in 2006 and 2009, the 2011 Pan-American Cup and at the 2012 FIVB Club World Championships.

6 Siri Bjorkesett


Siri Bjorksett is currently a geologist for Idemitsu Norge but when she played beach volleyball from 2006-2011, she was a goddess in her own right. This bombshell has a masters degree in Geology from the University of Oslo.

Brjorksett was part of the Norwegian National Team for three years and was a participant at the World Cup in 2009. She made her international debut in 2007 and has played with several partners such as Vilde Solvoll and Ragnhild Aas. She isn’t one of the best but this list is for the hottest, right? She fits the bill pretty well, as you can see.

5. Marta Menegatti

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Marta Menegatti started playing volleyball at the age of 9 but at 19, she turned her attention to beach volleyball and quickly became one half of Italy’s trail blazing beach volleyball team.

Menegatti was the FIVB World Tour Most Improved Player in 2011. She and partner Greta Cicolari represented Italy in the 2012 Summer Olympics in London where they lost in the quarterfinals. She also qualified for the 2016 Olympics although her original partner Victoria Osri was not allowed to participate amidst allegations of taking a banned substance. Menegatti and replacement partner Laura GIombini reached the round of 16.

4. Manon Flier


This gorgeous opposite spiker hails from Overijssel, Netherlands and is one of the tallest volleyball players in the world at 6-4.

Manon Flier was part of the 2007 Dutch team which won the 2007 FIVB World Grand Prix in China. She was named MVP of that tournament. She was a longtime member of the Dutch national team from 2001-2015. Since 1999, she has played for a dozen teams. Sorry guys, she is married to Dutch beach volleyball player Reinder Nummerdor.

3. Marketa Slukova


The most successful beach volleyball player from the Czech Republic, Marketa Slukova was born in Prague, Czech Republic.

She was the FIVB World Tour Rookie of the Year in 2010 and has consistently been part of the Top 15 teams in the world. She has won 3 FIVB gold medals and 1 bronze medal on tour. Slukova played in the 2012 Olympics where she finished 5th.

2. Rachel Wacholder Scott


When you’re both a beach volleyball player and a model, you must be hot. That’s what Rachel Wacholder Scott is and she’s not just a sexy body.

She played college volleyball at Duke and was ACC Player of the Year in 1993. Wacholder has won a total of 8 beach volleyball titles with three different partners. She was Most Improved player of the BVA tour in 2000 as well as the MVP and Best Defensive Player of the AVP in 2005. Aside from her eight championships, she also has 22 runner-up finishes to her credit.

1. Gabrielle Reese

Photo: Alchetron

The woman on top of our list is this multi-talented volleyball player who is also a fashion model, film actress and sports announcer.

Gabrielle Reese is the living legend of hot volleyball players and no doubt should be on top of this list. She was named as one of Elle Magazine’s Five Most Beautiful Women in the World during her prime. She appeared on the cover of Playboy in January 2001.

She played college volleyball for Florida State University where she led the nation in kills four times and blocks once. In the professionals, Reese was the WBVL kills leader from 1993-1996. If looks could kill, that would be another ‘kills’ achievement for Gabby.