How Much is Charlotte Flair Worth?

How Much is Charlotte Flair Worth?

As a child, her peers did not believe that she was the daughter of professional wrestling legend Ric Flair so one day, she called up the Nature Boy and asked him to bring the Macho Man Randy Savage to their school so that her friends would believe her.

But after six years in the WWE, no one would dare question her bloodline. Charlotte Flair is an eight-time WWE champion, only the third woman in WWE history to accomplish the feat after the Fabulous Moolah and Trish Stratus. She is a former NXT Women’s champion, the last Divas Champion, the inaugural and four-time Raw Women’s Champion and two time Smackdown Champion. She is also the longest reigning Smackdown Champion in WWE history and the only female wrestler to win all the WWE’s four women’s titles. In 2016, she was named as the Top Female Professional Wrestler by Pro Wrestling Illustrated.

Early Years



Charlotte Flair worn as Ashley Elizabeth Fliehr on April 5 ,1986 to professional wrestler Ric Flair and then wife Elizabeth. She had a younger brother named Reid, who died of a drug overdose and also has two half-sibling named David and Megan. Because her parents divorced when she was very young, Charlotte grew distant from Ric Flair. However, he would make up for his absence by visiting her when he was near or in town.

Growing up, Charlotte Flair didn’t imagine becoming a professional wrestler. Instead, she wanted to be a Professional Trainer. In high school, Charlotte played volleyball at Providence High School in Charlotte, North Carolina. In fact, she was the team captain of her school’s volleyball squad and was Player of the Year in 2004 and 2005. She was also part of the school’s teams that won the ‘NCHSSA 4-A State Championships.’ twice.

She also played two seasons of college volleyball for Appalachian State in North Carolina before transferring to North Carolina State University where she earned a degree in Public relations. Later she fulfilled here ambition and became a certified Professional Trainer. But her blood always bled professional wrestling.

As a 13-year old, She and her brother Reid appeared with Ric Flair during during a World Championship Wrestling (WCW) event in 2000. In June 2000, when her father fought David at the ‘Great American Bash’, she and her brother Reid entered when her dad’s rival Vince Russo interfered. Charlotte and Reid attacked Russo and handcuffed him.

Joining The WWE

The stars would align as Charlotte would sign her first developmental contract with the WWE in May 2012. She trained for a year before making her first ring appearance, defeating Bayley in a singles match. Later, she formed a tag team with Bayley and they would be successful. However, Charlotte would establish herself as the villainess of NXT when she attacked Bayley.

In May 2014, Charlotte won her first wrestling title when she beat Natalya in the finals of “NXT Takeover”. Charlotte successfully defended her belt against Summer Rae in July and then she made another successful title defense against Bayley in September. But in February 2015, Sasha Banks took the belt away from Charlotte Flair in a fatal four way match.

In July 2013, Flair, Banks and Becky Lynch were promoted to the main roster. During her pay per view debut, she bested Sasha Banks and Brie Bella in a triple threat match. Charlotte didn’t just win the match, she won over the WWE fans with her victory. The next generation of the Flair wrestling pedigree had arrived. And as they say, the rest is history.

During the Superstar shakeup, Charlotte was traded to the SmackDown roster. She took a two month leave of absence when Ric Flair had a serious medical condition. She returned to action last September 19, 2018.

Other Information

Charlotte appeared in the January 2016 issue of Muscle and Fitness. She made her video game debut as at WWE 2K17 and has since been a playable character in the video game’s next releases. She also appeared in the TV movie Psych: The Movie as Heather Rockrear. In September 2017, she and her father co-wrote a book with WWE Encyclopedia writer Brian Shields. The book was entitled Second Nature: The Legacy of Ric Flair and the Rise of Charlotte.

The book became controversial because Charlotte wrote that she divorced husband Riki Johnson because he physically abused her. In October 2018, Johnson filed a lawsuit against Charlotte and Ric Flair due to “derogatory statements’ made in their biography book.

It wasn’t the first time she was involved in a controversy. In 2008, Flair spent 45 days in jail after she, her boyfriend at that time and Ric Flair assaulted a police officer during an apprehension. Charlotte married Riki Johnson in 2010 and divorced him in May 2011. She married a second time to Thomas Latimer, who is better known by his wrestling screen name “Bram”. They divorced in 2015.

Charlotte Flair Net Worth



On the average the male wrestlers on the UFC’s main roster earn around $500K per year with the bigger named superstars earning upwards of $1M. The women don’t earn as much but they aren’t paid peanuts either.

In 2016, media outlet Sportskeeda reported that Charlotte earned a salary of $290,000 for the previous year. According to the report, only Stephanie McMahon ($1.725M), Nikki Bella ($400K) and Natalya ($320K) made more than Charlotte that year. Various outlets report that Charlotte’s current salary with the WWE is at $300K per year.

In a report from the Birmingham mail last March 10, 2018 which listed in detail the alleged salaries of WWE superstars, Charlotte Flair’s 2017 salary was listed at $550K, the second highest in the female roster behind newcomer Ronda Rousey who supposedly made $1.5M in her first year from the UFC to the WWE.

Her WWE contract alone makes her one of the highest paid professional wrestlers in the world today. We’re not even counting the fact that she is a legit heir to Ric Flair’s fortune as his daughter. We don’t have an exact figure on Charlotte Flair’s net worth right now but we estimate it to be at least $1M. That’s not too bad, considering the Nature Boy’s reported net worth in 2017 was $3M. Truly, the heir to the Nature Boy has arrived. She hasn’t just inherited her father’s wrestling pedigree but his earning power as well.

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