The Toronto Raptors Won Against Golden State Warriors

The Toronto Raptors Won Against Golden State Warriors

This NBA season has really kept its fans at the edge of their seats. Everyone was looking forward to seeing the clash between the Golden State Warriors and The Toronto Raptors. Although the Golden State Warriors used to be one of the most feared teams on the field, now everyone has gotten used to their moves, and they were beaten.

But aside from the famous team being beaten, one thing has caught the attention of NBA supporters. The Toronto Raptors are the first non-US team to win the NBA.

Golden State Warrior’s Failure

Golden State Warriors are a team that has earned their good reputation over time by not being afraid to overtake their opponents. This didn’t change, and they were doing very good during the NBA finals since they were playing at home. After all, they were champions four times during the last five years, out of which three had consecutive wins for the team.

But the lack of some of the team’s best members, such as Kevin Durant, as well as the injuries suffered by other team members has led to their downfall. Klay Thompson fell on the floor, his ACL was torn, and he had to go back to court. Meanwhile, Kevin Durant was recovering from an Achilles injury.

An Important Win for The Toronto Raptors

What makes the win of the Raptors so impressive is not only their outstanding performance but also the fact that they’re not a US team. Coming from Canada, the Toronto Raptors became the first non-US team to win the NBA, and they became the city of the whole nation. It was also the team’s first win.

What makes this even better is that the team got the recognition it deserves and has more chances to become a favorite of multiple basketball lovers. The Canadian rapper Drake was very happy with the team’s performance and announced he will release two singles for the team.

The Toronto Raptors are very likely to participate in more major events. Want to support them? Make sure to check basketball betting odds on and gamble in their favor. They might win even more matches, and you’ll win money.