10 Tips to Take Your Football In-Play Betting to The Next Level

10 Tips to Take Your Football In-Play Betting to The Next Level

In-play betting has evolved dramatically over the past several years. When it was first offered, a few online bookies would post betting odds at halftime. Now, most online sportsbooks update the odds after every play. Punters love in-play wagering because it allows them to hedge, double down, or find new betting opportunities. Sportsbooks like offering live betting because it contributes significantly to the handle.

The biggest difference between placing pregame bets and live bets is that punters can take days to contemplate a bet on a football match whereas the window for placing a live bet might only be open for a few seconds. It doesn’t matter if it’s a National League or a Premier League match, live bettors who see an opportunity have no time to dither. If you are a fan of in-play betting or you are interested in learning a little more about it, here are 10 tips to take your football in-play betting to the next level.

  1. Be Familiar With Live Betting Interface

It’s crucial to react quickly when you see a betting opportunity you like because there’s a good chance the odds will change in a matter of seconds. You don’t want to be fumbling around with your in-play football betting app and miss your chance. Live betting interfaces are a little different than regular interfaces and you should take the time to learn exactly how your in-play wagering app works so you don’t miss out on favorable odds.

2. Focus on the Game

It is very important for live bettors to pay attention to what’s going on during a match. Even the slightest distraction can cause you to miss an important play. This means you might miss out on a good betting opportunity. If you are watching the game with friends over a couple of drinks and aren’t able to concentrate fully on what’s happening on the field, you should refrain from in-play betting.

3. Get Better Odds on Favorites

It’s not uncommon for experienced punters to pass on a pregame wager because the odds are too high. You might feel very good about Manchester City’s chances of beating Southampton but you don’t want to bet them pregame at -225 which is understandable. Now, let’s say the game starts and Manchester City looks out of sorts through the first half or Southampton lucks out and pots the first goal. In either case, you will now be able to get much more favorable odds live betting on Manchester City. Pull the trigger if you think Manchester City will get their act together in the second half.

4. Differentiate Reality vs. Perception

Let’s say Southampton is leading the highly favored Manchester City 1-0 in the latter minutes of the first half. Those who haven’t been watching the match will likely assume Southampton is outplaying their opponent and on their way to victory. However, the reality might be that Manchester City has applied relentless pressure and rung a few shots off the crossbar while Southampton’s goal was a fluke. The scoreboard doesn’t always tell the full story.

5. Don’t Get Carried Away

Every football match presents a plethora of in-play betting opportunities but it’s important that you don’t get carried away and overexposed. Proper money management is a critical component of any responsible gambling strategy and that definitely includes live betting. It’s easy to get caught up in the high-paced action of in-play betting so you need to set a limit and stick to it. Never chase your losses.

6. Catch the Momentum

Momentum swings happen all the time in football matches and spotting them can be profitable. In-play football bettors need to pay attention so they can identify changes in momentum and other key developments. How many times have you seen a team blow a 2-goal lead near the end of a match? A team that gains momentum could make a profitable “Next Team to Score” live bet.

7. Look for Opportunities

So, you’ve been diligently watching a football match and you have noticed Manchester City’s Raheem Sterling has been getting open a lot and has had a couple excellent scoring chances early on. You feel it’s just a matter of time before he puts one in. Maybe it’s a good idea to make an in-play wager on him to score a goal? Key injuries, player ejections, and many other situational occurrences can lead to prime betting opportunities so keep your eyes open.

8. Get the Best Odds

Anyone who has bet on football knows that different bookmakers often post different odds. You want to get the best value for your betting dollar and using a variety of bookies enables you to pick the best odds. While using multiple in-play betting apps might take a bit of practice, it is well worth the effort.

9. Take Advantage of Promotional Offers

Sportsbook are well-known for offering special promotions such as odds boosts and free bets. You can use these to place pregame wagers to give yourself a starting point. You can then follow the game and either let your bet stand or hedge it if necessary.

10. The Cash Out Option

While this is not really an in-play bet type, the ‘cash out’ option can save you a lot of money in some situations. This feature allows you to close a bet before the game is finished. Imagine the team you backed is winning 2-1 in the late stages of a match, but the opposition has been pressing hard and you feel the tying goal is imminent. Relieve the stress and guarantee a profit by cashing out.